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Queensland, Australia

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Our one rule is to solve problems. Our three values are respect, responsiveness and results. We're passionate about partnering with you to create high performing, low stress environments that aid in seamless growth.

Your problem solvers.

We are your partners in achieving dedicated, high-performing staff and flowing business systems that increase your output without long term effort, and create customers so proud they tell their mums about you. Work with us to achieve your goals, quickly.

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Why work with us

After working full time as the Head of Client Experience for multiple companies, our Founder noticed the huge impact nimble changes make to a business, and how similar solutions were desperately needed by so many other businesses. The results?

Existing revenue streams increasing by more than 400%

Retention of recurring revenue worth ~$5M

Minimal growth in staff to maintain new revenue streams.

Extreme visibility and flexibility for business owners and staff.

Our Services

Partnering with Summers Solutions gives you a competiative edge by increasing hands on deck to get things done quickly, with a focus on keeping you, your team and your customers hairline in tact.

Hand-held change

We work directly with you and your team to deeply understand your business. We then become part of your team to get the work done!

Business & team improvement

A simple service where we review your business and provide strategic guidance on ways you can improve your service, and increase your team efficiency.

Ongoing support & guidance

Work with us long term to keep your team culture and profit margins high, retain clients and get the most out of the solutions provided to you.

Your problems,

solved fast.

Higher profits, lower stress

Increase profits, lower stress and improve customer and staff satisfaction by centralising key information and making your software work for you, not against you. We partner with you to create, train and deliver new ways of working!

Happy staff, strong results

Wearing multiple hats is a necessity in your business, but it can be overwhelming at times. Building a solution that clearly guides your team on next steps (and how to do it) will keep staff moving, revenue flowing and customers happy.

Knowledge equals power

You don’t know what you don’t know. Increase your power by leveraging our experience and knowledge of working with hundreds of businesses to take the best strategies from different industries and achieve results.

You and your team are working over time, juggling phone calls, emails, customer satisfaction, new technology and struggling to prioritise the tasks that make your bottom line grow, stagnating your business growth.

Now's the time to handball that s*#t. 

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